Dad spent the last 20 months of his life at Forest Hill until his peaceful death just before his 99th birthday. Before then he lived in our family home alone since Mum’s death 10 years ago. The moment Dad arrived he was wheeled to the dining room for a hot meal which was a perfect start for a sailor who had served throughout the 2nd World War and had never lost his appetite. During his time there, Dad flourished with the routine, care and activities (particularly music and dancing). From our viewpoint, it was reassuring that Dad was being looked after by skilled care, medical and domestic staff. They all adored him and always had a cheery word for him. He, in turn, always responded. For his 98th birthday party, the cook baked a wonderful chocolate cake which was enjoyed by everyone from Dad to his 3 great-grandchildren. The only slight negative was that laundry sometimes failed to be returned to the correct wardrobe. However, this never impacted on the quality of life that Dad enjoyed.