Forest Hill Residents Enjoy Day Out at Compton Abbas Airfield

Forest Hill Residents Enjoy Day Out At Compton Abbas Airfield
The residents at Forest Hill House Nursing Home were lucky enough to enjoy a special day out at Compton Abbas Airfield near Shaftesbury. Situated atop a hill with striking views over Shaftesbury and the surrounding areas, the airfield is a popular spot for aircraft enthusiasts in North Dorset.

Our residents were able to admire the historic aircraft on display and watch planes come and go, bringing back memories of the golden age of aviation. Highlights of the day included marvelling over the Spitfires, the iconic fighter aircraft famed for its use by the Royal Air Force in World War II, and witnessing other classic aircraft that brought back memories of yesteryears.

We also enjoyed spending time in the café and restaurant, enjoying tea and cake as we watched the planes go by from the window. Our residents enjoyed socialising and sharing memories of days gone by, before it was time to return to the nursing home in Wimborne.

All in all, it was a wonderful day out and made for an interesting experience learning about the different types of aircraft. These excursions are essential for the wellbeing of our rest home residents, helping them live life to the full in the hands of our qualified carers.

Forest Hill Residents Enjoy Day Out At Compton Abbas Airfield

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